Fusion Marine - Stereos

Fusion Marine - Stereos

Fusion MS-RA60 Marine Stereo

MODERN, COMPACT AND ECONOMICAL The MS-RA60 is the most economical marine stereo from Fusion yet, featuring modern aesthetics, Multi-Zone™ Technology in two zones and advanced connectivity options in a compact form factor. Bonded LCD improves durability and protection against condensation...

£184.15 ex-VAT

Fusion BB100 Black Box

COMPACT BLACK BOX ENTERTAINMENT SOLUTION There is no need to compromise on quality audio entertainment due to limited helm space with the value packed Fusion MS-BB100 compact black box entertainment solution. Compact form factor allows for easy installation on your boat. Control the...

£226.66 ex-VAT

Fusion Apollo RA670

AWARD-WINNING INNOVATION REEMBODIED The Apollo RA670 marine stereo inherits key audio innovations and revolutionary technology from the award-winning Apollo RA770, reimagined in a compact form factor.   Custom audio profiles for each zone on your boat to deliver superior quality au...

£449.00 ex-VAT

Fusion Apollo RA770

THE SUM OF AUDIO INNOVATION The world’s first touchscreen marine stereo with the AirPlay® 2 software feature and built-in Wi-Fi® connectivity, Apollo RA770 has redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative design.   Custom audio pro...

£600.00 ex-VAT

Fusion Apollo WB670

The Apollo WB670 marine stereo inherits key audio innovations and technological brilliance from Apollo RA670, reengineered in a compact, space-saving form factor designed to simplify dash space. Custom audio profiles for each zone on your boat to deliver superior quality audio. Audio streaming...

£429.00 ex-VAT

Fusion RA210 Marine Stereo

The MS-RA210 marine stereo from Fusion® is a stylish addition to your boat. Incorporating some of the Apollo™ Series’ key features, the stereo includes built-in digital signal processing (DSP) technology, modern design aesthetics and advanced source options. Custom audio profile...

£374.99 ex-VAT

Fusion Panel Stereo

The Panel-Stereo from Fusion allows you to enjoy quality audio on board your boat from the convenience of a single unit – designed to save time and money with a quick and simple installation. Preconfigured Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for a superior listening experience....

£329.99 ex-VAT

Fusion RA70 Series MS-RA70N Marine Stereo

INDUSTRY BENCHMARK FOR MARINE ENTERTAINMENT Seamlessly retrofit your existing DIN-sized stereo with a value-packed RA70 Series marine stereo from Fusion®. The RA70 Series includes three marine stereos — MS-RA70, MS-RA70N and MS-RA70NSX.   Seamlessly retrofit your existing...

£324.99 ex-VAT

Fusion MS-RA70 Marine Stereo with Bluetooth

The Fusion MS-RA70 is the sleekest value-packed marine stereo, designed to deliver a quality on-water entertainment experience by incorporating some of the latest marine technologies. Engineered to seamlessly replace any standard DIN sized non-marinised stereo without the need to reconfigu...

£239.16 ex-VAT

Fusion Apollo MS-WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo

AMPLIFY THE MOMENT The Apollo WB675 Marine Hideaway Stereo is compact in design but still offers superior audio quality in up to four separate audio zones that you can control. Custom audio profiles for each zone on your boat deliver superior quality audio. Audio streaming with Wi-F...

£450.00 ex-VAT
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