Icom Accessories

Icom Accessories

icom SP-37 External Hailer Horn Speaker

External Hailer Horn Speakwe with Bracket - A weatherproof hailer horn for external use. - Max input power 40W - Cable length: 35cm - Cable termination: Stripped and tinned bare wires - Impedance :4 Ohms - Dimensions : Length 23cm,Width 20cm, Height 15cm

£58.34 ex-VAT

Icom BC-USB.001 USB Charger

BC-USB.001 USB Charger UK 3 Pin USB Supply 5V/1A (c/w micro USB Lead) for IC-M25EURO buoyant marine VHF radio.

£14.99 ex-VAT

Icom CIGAR.005 Cigar Charger Adapter 5V/1A

CIGAR.005 Cigar Charger Adapter 5V/1A. Icom Cigar Charger Adapter with 5V/1A USB socket. Excludes the USB lead supplied with the BC-USB.001. Suitable for: - IC-M25EURO - IC-M37E

£4.99 ex-VAT

Icom FA-SC59V Antenna

£17.13 ex-VAT

Icom HM-165 Speaker Microphone

HM-165 Speaker Microphone The HM-165 waterproof speaker-microphone will float when attached to either the IC-M25EURO, IC-M33, IC-M35, IC-M37E, IC-M93D or IC-M94DE marine VHF radios. The waterproof screw-type connector is provided to prevent water intrusion.

£65.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-133 Belt Clip

MB-133 Belt Clip Alligator style belt clip Designed to work with the Icom IC-F29SR, IC-F29SR2, IC-F29DR, IC-F29DR2, IC-F1000/F2000, IC-F1100/F2100 and IC-F3400/F4400 series of two way radios.

£10.50 ex-VAT

Icom BC-235 Single Fast Charger

BC-235 Single Fast Charger Desktop charger for IC-M37E.

£12.13 ex-VAT

Icom BC-238 Rapid Multi-Charger

The BC-238 is a 12V six-slot multi-charger for the all new IC-M37 Marine VHF radio. As well as providing a convenient tool for charging multiple IC-M37E handhelds, it also provides an ideal and logical location for storing multiple radios while in or out of use. Six slot chargers reduce the chanc...

£279.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-296 Battery

BP-296 Battery Li-ion 3.6 V 2350 mAh (ytp.). 2200 mAh (min.) For use with the Icom IC-M37E Marine VHF radio.

£32.13 ex-VAT

Icom BP-297 Battery Case

BP-297 Battery Case 3 x AAA (LR03) alkaline cells. Output power: 1W. The IC-M37E floats when used with most common brand AAA batteries. Battery weight varies by manufacture. Please check your IC-M37E for buoyancy in a shallow area when using AAA batteries.

£20.46 ex-VAT

Icom BC-06 Charger

BC-06 Charger UK 12v 1Amp charger.   Please check with your supplier for compatibility.

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-157S AC Adapter

BC-157S AC Adapter AC Adapter for BC-197, BC-121N and BC-214 multi-chargers.

£82.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-197 6 Way Multi-Charger

BC-197 6 Way Multi-Charger The BC-197, 6-Way Multi-Charger is an Icom charger following on from the BC-121N. The BC-197 is smaller in size and lower in height than the BC-121N. There are 6 charging positions with function indicator LEDs. The smart charging function, originally introduced in...

£429.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-210 Rapid Charger

BC-210 Rapid Charger Rapid Charger (Charges the BP-245N in 2.5 hours)

£51.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-M71 Belt Case

BC-M71 Belt Case Belt Case for the IC-M71 and IC-M73EURO (Radio not included

£36.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-245/N/H Battery Pack

BP-245/N/H Battery Pack 7.4V/2000mAh Li-Ion battery pack

£89.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-202 Speaker Microphone

HM-202 Speaker Microphone Speaker Microphone (IP67) for the IC-M73 Marine VHF radios.

£58.99 ex-VAT

Icom HS-94 Headset

HS-94 Headset Headset (Ear-piece type)

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom HS-95 Headset with Boom-mic

HS-95 Headset with Boom-mic Provides Hands-free operation. Boom-mic angle is adjustable for ideal positioning and maximum voice readability.

£114.99 ex-VAT

Icom HS-97 Earphone with Throat-mic

HS-97 Earphone with Throat-mic Earphone with Throat-mic • Hands-free operation. Requires VS-1/1L/1SL VOX unit for use. • Compact construction with an inconspicuous mic design (For discreet use without noticeable protrusions) • High sensitivity microphone for clear audio in noi...

£25.99 ex-VAT

Icom HS-M73.002 D shaped earpiece with PTT

HS-M73.002 D shaped earpiece with PTT D shaped earpiece with PTT for ICOM IC-M73, IC-M91D & IC-GM1600E (splash-proof) (Radio sold separately)

£94.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-103 Belt Clip

MB-103 Belt Clip Alligator Type Belt clip For use with the Icom BP-208N, BP-209N, BP-210N, BP-211N, BP-222N battery packs

£8.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-86 Belt Clip

MB-86 Belt Clip Swivel Belt Clip For use with IC-F51, IC-F61 and IC-M87 transceivers.

£12.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-96N Belt clip

MB-96N Belt clip Swivel type leather belt hanger (Swivel joint of the MB-86 is required).

£17.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-1392 Headset Adapter Cable

OPC-1392 Headset Adapter Cable Headset adapter cable designed for VOX hands-free operation. The OPC-1392 VOX headset adapter cable is compatible with the ICOM IC-M71,IC-M73 and IC-GM1600E marine radios.

£48.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-515L Cable

OPC-515L Cable DC lead for battery chargers

£15.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-656 Cable

OPC-656 Cable DC Power Cable (for use with various chargers)

Icom AD-118 Accessory Connector

AD-118 Accessory Connector Allows you to use third party accessories with 6-pin Hirose plug. For use with the IC-F3400/F4400, IC-F52D/F62D and IC-F3262D/F4262D series.

£54.99 ex-VAT

Icom AD-135 3.5 mm Earphone Jack Adapter

AD-135 3.5 mm Earphone Jack Adapter 3.5 mm earphone jack adapter for use with any of SP-27, SP-29 or SP-40 earphone.

£34.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-214 Six Way Charger

BC-214 Six Way Charger 6 way charger. Charges up to six BP-279 battery packs in 2.5 hours (approx.) Includes six x AD-130 and BC-157S. Compatible with IC-F29SR, IC-F29SR2, IC-F29DR, IC-F29DR2, IC-F1000 series, IC-F1000/T/S series, IC-F1100 D/T/S Series, IC-F52D series and IC-F3400 DT/DS/D s...

£319.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-219N Desktop charger

BC-219N Desktop charger Requires BC-06 AC adapter. Designed to work with Icom's latest range of IDAS digital two way radios including the IC-F52D series, IC-F3400 series and IP730D/740D series.

£34.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-225 Intelligent Charger

Intelligent Charger Shows the charging information with the LED lighting. Charges the BP-290 in 2.5 hours (approx.). Designed to work with Icom's latest range of IDAS digital two way radios including the IC-F52D series and IC-F3400 series. Requires BC-06 AC adapter & RS-BC225: Intel...

£74.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-226 Connectable type charger

BC-226 Connectable type charger Connectable type charger (connects up to six BC-226 units). Designed to work with Icom's latest range of IDAS digital two way radios including the IC-F52D series and IC-F3400 series. Charges the BP-290 in 2.7 hours. + BC-228: AC adapter. One AC adapter is...

£54.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-227 Compact Type Desktop Charger

BC-227 Compact Type Desktop Charger The BC-227 is a single rapid charger for use with the IC-F52D/62D & IP730D/740D series. Requires BC-06 AC adapter.

£54.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-291 LR6 (AA) × 5 battery case

BP-291 LR6 (AA) × 5 battery case LR6 (AA) × 5 battery case. IP54 protection. For use with the Icom IC-F52D & Icom IC-F62D two way radios.

£34.99 ex-VAT

Icom EH-15B Earphone

EH-15B Earphone Earphone with 2.5 mm plug for use with HM-163MC.

£21.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-290 Li-ion Battery

BP-290 Li-ion Battery Rechargeable Li-ion battery with intelligent reporting. IP67 protection.

£84.99 ex-VAT

Icom FA-SC58V Antenna (150-174 MHz)

FA-SC58V Antenna (150-174 MHz) Replacement Antenna (FA-SC58V) for Icom IC-M23 / M33 / M35 / M93D

£17.96 ex-VAT

Icom HM-163MC Tie-clip microphone

HM-163MC Tie-clip microphone Tie-clip microphone with 2.5 mm earphone jack. For use with the Icom IC-F52D digital two way radio series.

£129.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-222 Speaker Microphone

HM-222 Speaker Microphone The HM-222 is a waterproof remote speaker microphone. For use with the IC-F3400 and IC-F52D series of IDAS radios.

£124.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-236 Speaker Microphone

HM-236 Speaker Microphone Waterproof Speaker-Microphone

£74.99 ex-VAT

Icom LC-188 Carrying case

LC-188 Carrying case The LC-188 is a hard carry case for use with the Icom IC-F52D series of radios.

£29.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-136 Leather Belt Hanger

MB-136 Leather Belt Hanger Leather Belt Hanger. Swivel Type For use with the IC-F3400D/F4400D and IC-F52D/F62D Digital two way radios.

£14.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-96FL Leather Belt Hanger

MB-96FL Leather Belt Hanger Fixed long leather belt hanger

£25.99 ex-VAT

Icom MBB-3 Belt Clip

MBB-3 Belt Clip Alligator belt clip. For use with Icom IC-F52D and IC-F62D digital two way radios.

£14.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-478UC USB Cable

OPC-478UC USB Cable USB Cloning Cable - 3.5mm plug type

£44.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-1655 Cable adapter

OPC-1655 Cable adapter Cloning cable adapter.

£24.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-228 Speaker Microphone

HM-228 Speaker Microphone IPX7 waterproof speaker microphone • A waterproof speaker mic for the Icom IC-M94DE Handheld DSC/VHF with AIS Receiver. • 8-position rotatable clip • Compact handset: 68 Hx 50Wx 25Dmm • Cable length fully extended 1.5m : coiled 0.5m • Wate...

£61.63 ex-VAT

Icom CP-25H Cigarette Lighter Cable

CP-25H Cigarette Lighter Cable Cigarette lighter cable for use with single fast chargers (12V). For use with majority of Icom handhelds.

£14.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-306 Li-ion Battery Pack

BP-306 Li-ion Battery Pack Rechargeable 7.2 V Li-ion Battery Pack (2280 mAh/2400 mAh (min/ typical). Provides 10 hours* of operating time.

£57.96 ex-VAT

Icom BC-251 Desktop Charger

BC-251 Desktop Charger Desktop Charger. Charges the BP-306 (in the radio) in 3.5 hours (approx.)

£37.13 ex-VAT

Icom BC-242 AC Adapter

BC-242 AC Adapter AC Adapter. Use with BC-251.

£24.99 ex-VAT

Icom VS-5MC PTT switch cable with VOX function

VS-5MC PTT switch cable with VOX function PTT switch cable with VOX function. VS-5MC is required when using HS-94, HS-95 or HS-97. For use with the IC-F3400D/F52D/M85E/SAT100 radio series.

£114.99 ex-VAT

Icom SP-40 Earphone

SP-40 Earphone Earphone with 3.5 mm plug. For use with HM-222 or AD-135.

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom SP-29 Earhook Type Earphone

SP-29 Earhook Type Earphone Earhook type earphone with 3.5 mm plug. For use with HM-222 or AD-135.

£21.99 ex-VAT

Icom SP-28 Earhook type earphone

SP-28 Earhook type earphone Earhook type earphone with 2.5 mm plug for use with HM-163MC.

£24.99 ex-VAT

Icom SP-27 Clear Acoustic Tube Earphone

SP-27 Clear Acoustic Tube Earphone The SP-27 features a clear acoustic tube that is designed to be hidden behind the ear making it hard to see. This makes it an ideal earphone for security, hotels, restaurants, retail and airports. Supplied with clothing clip and spare ear bud (Replacement ear...

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom SP-26 Tube Earphone

SP-26 Tube Earphone Tube earphone with 2.5 mm plug for use with HM-163MC.

£24.99 ex-VAT

Icom ProEquip PRO-P280SA Noise Cancelling PTT

ProEquip PRO-P280SA Noise Cancelling PTT Noise Cancelling PTT with Lock Function and Acoustic Airtube. For use with IC-M85E/IC-F52D/IC-F3400D/IC-SAT100/IP730D

Icom ProEquip PRO-U610SA D-Ring & G-Shape Headset c/w In-Line PTT

ProEquip PRO-U610SA D-Ring & G-Shape Headset c/w In-Line PTT D-Ring & G-Shape Headset. Comes with In-Line PTT. For use with IC-M85E/IC-F52D/IC-F3400D/IC-SAT100/IP730D.

£29.99 ex-VAT

Icom ProEquip PRO-P245-35WP Earpiece/Lapel-mic

ProEquip PRO-P245-35WP Earpiece/Lapel-mic Black headset with inline mic/PTT. Features a D-shell earpiece. This PRO-P245-35WP headset meets IP54 waterproof protection when worn on the ear, providing protection from spray. The headset is compatible with the following Icom models: IC-M25EURO,...

£24.99 ex-VAT

Icom ProEquip PRO-U650SA Acoustics Tube Headset

ProEquip PRO-U650SA Acoustics Tube Headset Acoustics Tube Headset For use with IC-M85E/IC-F52D/IC-F3400D/IC-SAT100/IP730D

HM-235B Microphone

HM-235B Microphone Microphone. Supplied as standard with the IC-M330GE.

£59.99 ex-VAT

Icom MA-510TR Class B AIS Transponder

The MA-510TR is an all in one stand-alone unit that combines both AIS transponder and a sharp display in a compact design that features an attractive and easy to read the wide-angled colour screen, legible even in direct sunlight. The MA-510TR advanced AIS transponder boasts a whole host of importan...

£699.99 ex-VAT

Icom SP-35L External Speaker

SP-35L External Speaker External Speaker with 6m cable External speaker that replaces the SP-22 or SP-25 external speakers. The SP-35L is very similar to the SP-22 or SP-25 but features a more stylish, modern design. Comes with 6m (19.6ft) long cable. For use with a wide range of LTE and PM...

£32.96 ex-VAT

Icom HM-195GB Remote control Commandmic

HM-195GB Remote control Commandmic The optional COMMANDMIC, HM-195GB/GW, makes it convenient for using the IC-M423G/E, IC-M506GE and IC-M510 from a separate cabin or tower. The COMMANDMIC can be positioned up to 18.3m (60ft) away from your radio. All functions of the these radios including pow...

£164.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-205RB Speaker Microphone

HM-205RB Speaker Microphone Speaker Microphone

£64.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-132 Flush mount kit

MB-132 Flush mount kit Flush mount kit A flush mount kit for the Icom IC-M323/G and IC-M423/G, IC-M506G/GE and IC-M605EURO VHF radios and MA-500TR Class B AIS Transponder.

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-1541 Extension Separation Cable

OPC-1541 Extension Separation Cable Extension cable for HM-162B/SW/E (6m/20ft)

£34.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-980 Cable

OPC-980 Cable Cloning Cable Adapter

£44.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-195B Command Mic IV

HM-195B Remote Control Microphone The optional HM-195 COMMANDMIC allows you to use the IC-M423/G, IC-M506 & IC-M400BB from a separate cabin or tower and can be positioned up to 18.3m (60ft) away from the radio. All functions of the radio including power switch, distress call, DSC, and PA f...

£164.99 ex-VAT

Icom CT-M500 Wireless Interface Box

CT-M500 Wireless Interface Box The optional CT-M500 wireless interface box provides NMEA 2000 connectivity and Hailer/PA feature. The CT-M500 and the radio can be connected through WLAN.

£164.97 ex-VAT

Icom GPSARIAL.001 External GNSS Antenna

GPSARIAL.001 External GNSS Antenna External GNSS Antenna.

£24.99 ex-VAT

Icom MBF-7 Flush mount kit

MBF-7 Flush mount kit Flush mount kit for IC-M510 Advanced VHF/DSC marine radio

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom MBZ-1 Front panel cover

MBZ-1 Front panel cover Attach to radio to protect from sunlight.

£14.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-1000 Cable

OPC-1000 Cable Extension cable for rear fist mic IC-M510/IC-M605/HM-134B with bulk mountable socket. Approximatly 6 metres in length.

£31.29 ex-VAT

Icom UT-112 Voice Scrambler

UT-112 Voice Scrambler The UT-112 Voice Scrambler allows private VHF communication when using the Icom IC-M506GE and IC-M605EURO. Provides up to 32 different scrambler codes.

£79.99 ex-VAT

Icom UX-241 External GNSS Antenna

UX-241 External GNSS Antenna External GNSS Antenna. Same as supplied with IC-M605EURO.

£22.96 ex-VAT

Icom IC-M605EURO Multi Station VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver

IC-M605EURO Multi Station VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver The IC-M605EURO is an advanced Class D VHF/DSC radio with integrated AIS receiver, capable of showing real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the large colour TFT LCD display. This radio contains many advanced features including Active...

£409.99 ex-VAT

HM-229W Commandmic White

HM-229W Commandmic COMMANDMIC (White) for IC-M605EURO. Requires OPC-2384.

£169.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-229B Commandmic Black

HM-229B Commandmic COMMANDMIC (Black) for IC-M605EURO. Requires OPC-2384.

£169.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-75 Mounting kit

MB-75 Mounting kit Marine Flush Mount Kit A stainless steel solution for flush-mounting the following marine panel mounts to a flat surface, such as a control panel: - IC-M501, - IC-M503, - IC-M505, - IC-M506EURO, - IC-M601, - IC-M603, - IC-M605EURO, - IC-M801, - IC-M802, - MA-500T...

£21.99 ex-VAT

Icom MR-1010RII Marine Radar

MR-1010RII Marine Radar Marine radar with simplified ARPA and wide viewing angle colour TFT LCD. Has 36 nautical mile range with 4kW output radome scanner. Simplified ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) Function* The simplified ARPA function helps to prevent collision risk with other vessels...

£1,831.30 ex-VAT

OPC-1540 Separation Cable

OPC-1540 Separation Cable 20 FT/ 6 metre cables with waterproof mounting plug. For HM-162 and HM-195 series.

£79.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-2377 Extension cable

OPC-2377 Extension cable Extension cable for OPC-2383/RC-RM600 (10m). Up to four cables can be connected.

£69.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-2383 Cable

OPC-2383 Cable 10m cable for RC-RM600 (same as supplied with RC-M600)

£74.99 ex-VAT

Icom RC-M600 Command Head

RC-M600 Command Head Command Head For IC-M605 Designed to work with the IC-M605EURO. IPX8 advanced waterproof (1 m depth of water for 60 min.) Supplied with OPC-2383 10 m (32.8 ft) cable, HM-205RB speaker microphone, DC power cable, MIC hanger and mobile bracket kit

£348.29 ex-VAT

Icom UX-251 AIS Receiver Unit

UX-251 AIS Receiver Unit AIS Receiver Unit for the IC-M605EURO

£114.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-152 Hand Microphone

HM-152 Hand Microphone Hand Microphone for PMR transceivers. 2 Versions: HM-152 Modular plug HM-152T 10 Key & Modular plug Specifications • PTT function with positive click and more durable switch • Strengthened cord bush with higher flexibility to reduce fatigue and break...

£31.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-1132 Cable

OPC-1132 Cable DC power cable (3m)

£19.99 ex-VAT

Icom SM-26 Desktop Microphone

SM-26 Desktop Microphone The SM-26 desktop microphone is an affordable Icom desktop microphone for the Private Mobile Radio market. The SM-26 comes with an 8-pin Modular Connector and is compatible with Icom VHF/UHF mobile radios and repeaters in the same way as its predecessor, the SM-25....

£94.99 ex-VAT

Icom UT-108R (40pin) DTMF decoder

UT-108R (40pin) DTMF decoder The UT-108R (40 pin) DTMF decode unit. Provides DTMF selective call and ANI.

Icom AH-710 Antenna

AH-710 Antenna 2-30MHZ Folded dipole antenna The AH-710 is a complete preassembled multi-band, folded dipole. It is designed to work with any of the Icom ham HF transceivers as well as Marine transceivers. The AH-710 can be installed as a Flat Top or an Inverted V configuration. The antenna co...

£329.99 ex-VAT

Icom AT-141 Antenna Tuner

AT-141 Antenna Tuner Automatic Antenna Tuner Unit Weather Resistant The Icom AT-141 Automatic Antenna Unit is housed in a durable, completely weather resistant ASA case, with a rubber gasket. The antenna tuner can be conveniently installed near the antenna element. Matches All Bands The I...

£449.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-214H Waterproof microphone

HM-214H Waterproof microphone Waterproof microphone for the GM800 GMDSS MF/HF transceiver

£70.79 ex-VAT

Icom Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket

Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket The Icom MB-108 is a heavy duty mounting bracket is for the main transceiver unit of the GM800 and IC-M804 MF/HF SSB Marine Transceivers.

£174.99 ex-VAT

Icom OPC-1465 Shielded control cable

OPC-1465 Shielded control cable Shielded control cable Length: 10m/32.8ft.

£39.63 ex-VAT

Icom SP-24/E External Speaker

SP-24/E External Speaker Standard External Speaker for IC-M801, IC-M802 and GM800

£34.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-147A/E Charger

BC-147A/E Charger AC adapter (For BC-166. 120/240V)

£9.99 ex-VAT

Icom BC-173 Charger

BC-173 Charger Regular trickle charger for Icom IC-M35 Marine VHF radio. Charges BP-252. Requires BC-06.

£14.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-234 lithium battery pack

BP-234 lithium battery pack High capacity lithium battery pack (non-rechargeable 9.0V/3300mAh)

£164.99 ex-VAT

Icom FA-S61V Portable survival craft two way radio antenna

FA-S61V Portable survival craft two way radio antenna Replacement antenna for the GM-1600

£16.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-103Y Belt Clip

MB-103Y Belt Clip Belt clip for IC-GM1600 GMDSS Survival Craft 2-Way VHF Radio

£9.99 ex-VAT

Icom HM-214V Waterproof microphone

HM-214V Waterproof microphone Waterproof microphone for the GM600 GMDSS VHF Marine Transceiver

£74.99 ex-VAT

Icom HS-98 Telephone handset

HS-98 Telephone handset Telephone Handset for GM600 and GM800 GMDSS radios.

£290.00 ex-VAT

Icom PS-310 DC-DC Converter

PS-310 DC-DC Converter Provides stable 12.6 V DC output from 12 V or 24 V DC input, depending on version. For use with the GM600 GMDSS VHF Transceiver.

£254.99 ex-VAT

Icom BP-227AXD ATEX Battery Pack

BP-227AXD ATEX Battery Pack ATEX approved 7.2V/1700mAh Li-Ion battery pack

£154.99 ex-VAT

Icom FA-S59V Antenna

FA-S59V Antenna SMA type antenna (std)

£17.96 ex-VAT

Icom HM-138 Speaker Microphone

HM-138 Speaker Microphone Waterproof Speaker Microphone (equivalent to IPX-7) Designed to work with IC-M87 and IC-F51V/F61V radios.

£89.99 ex-VAT

Icom MB-98 Belt Clip

MB-98 Belt Clip Standard type belt clip For use with the IC-F5/F61 IC-F51V/F61V series of two way radios.

£9.99 ex-VAT
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