Raymarine AIS350 Dual Channel Receiver

Manufacturer Part No: E32157 | ID: 150335 | £301.05 ex-VAT
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The AIS350 is a receive-only AIS device that allows you to receive and display the AIS data transmissions from nearby vessels right on your Raymarine multifunction displays radar or chartplotter screen. Dual channel receivers – AIS vessel monitoring of class A and B transmissions. SeaTalk ng networking for simple integration with a, c, e, eS and gS Multifunction Displays. USB 2.0 port for plug-and-play connection to PC based navigation systems. Built-in NMEA multiplexer simplifies integration with legacy Multifunction Displays, VHF radios and 3rd party devices. Front-facing multicolor LED indicator for system status and diagnostics. Rugged, water resistant (IPX 2) enclosure designed for easy installation.

Vesper VHF-AIS-FM Splitter with VSWR Indicator

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Simplify installation of AIS transponders by sharing an existing VHF antenna using this splitter. AIS amplifier greatly improves AIS reception and increases receive range.


ID: 160117 | £190.83 ex-VAT

Raymarine AIS VHF Splitter Cable Pack

Two cable pack, one PL259 to PL259 second PL259 to BNC

ID: 153291 | £46.67 ex-VAT

Raymarine AIS650, AIS350 - Power and Data Cable

Power and NMEA data cable for AIS350 or AIS650

ID: 153379 | £30.83 ex-VAT

Raymarine AIS100 Active Splitter power and FM Cable

Power and FM output cable for AIS100 Splitter

ID: 153294 | £50.00 ex-VAT

Raymarine AIS100 Active Splitter AIS cable

Coax cable PL259 to BNC to connect AIS100 splitter to AIS

ID: 153296 | £43.33 ex-VAT

Raymarine Passive GPS Antenna

Passive GPS Antenna for AIS500,  AIS650 and AIS700

ID: 149612 | £92.50 ex-VAT