Raymarine AIS650 Class B Transceiver

Raymarine AIS650 Class B Transceiver

Manufacturer Part No: E32158 |
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The AIS650 is a class B AIS transceiver allowing you to transmit your data to other AIS equipped vessels, and receive their data for viewing right on your Raymarine multifunction displays radar or chartplotter screen. Dual channel receivers - AIS vessel monitoring of class A and B transmissions. Dedicated 50 channel RAIM compliant GPS receiver for superior accuracy. Hardware and software selectable Silent Mode for privacy or security. Silent Mode for privacy or security. Silent mode turns off your AIS transmitter while still enabling you to see transmissions from other vessels. SeaTalkNG networking for simple integration with Raymarine a, c, e, eS and gS Series Multifunction Displays. USB 2.0 port for plug-and-play connection to PC based navigation systems. SD Card Slot for recording of AIS data. Built-in NMEA multiplexer simplifies integration with legacy Multifunction Displays, VHF radios and 3rd party devices.

Vesper VHF-AIS-FM Splitter with VSWR Indicator SP160

Simplify installation of AIS transponders by sharing an existing VHF antenna using this splitter. AIS amplifier greatly improves AIS reception and increases receive range.  

Raymarine AIS VHF Splitter Cable Pack

Two cable pack, one PL259 to PL259 second PL259 to BNC

£50.83 ex-VAT

Raymarine AIS650, AIS350 - Power and Data Cable

Power and NMEA data cable for AIS350 or AIS650

Raymarine AIS100 Active Splitter power and FM Cable

Power and FM output cable for AIS100 Splitter

£55.00 ex-VAT

Raymarine AIS100 Active Splitter AIS cable

Coax cable PL259 to BNC to connect AIS100 splitter to AIS

£47.50 ex-VAT

Raymarine Passive GPS Antenna

Passive GPS Antenna for AIS500,  AIS650 and AIS700

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