B&G H5000 Instruments Explore

B&G H5000 Instruments Explore

B&G H5000

High Performance Sailing Instruments and Autopilots

B&G’s H5000 instrument and autopilot systems combine unique sailing features with race-proven technology in a straightforward package. Developed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts alike, the range brings powerful system options to complement and enhance your sailing passion.

Packed with Sailing Features

The H5000 Graphic Display boasts a 5-inch, sunlight viewable, colour screen with a highly intuitive user interface. It’s packed with sailing features including SailSteer, StartLine and WindPlot, for tracking weather trends.

Explore the full H5000 System

B&G’s H5000 instrument and autopilot system delivers sailing-specific features and powerful race-proven technology with an ultra-fast CPU, convenient web-style interface access, full colour and 7-segment displays and a dedicated autopilot controller. The system is powered by a smart Central Processing Unit (CPU) which runs three levels of software, Hydra, Hercules and Performance to match your sailing requirements.

Hydra Base Pack

  •  Cruiser/Racer System
  • Ultra-fast arm processors
  • PWF filter for stable, accurate wind data
  • Browser-based setup
  • Flexible configuration to suit application

Hercules Base Pack

  • All Hydra Spec +
  • HV Display context switching
  • Polar performance data
  • Remote data interface
  • Enhanced start line data
  • 3D Motion wind correction support

Performance Base Pack

  • Hercules Spec +
  • Complex systems support
  • 16 user defined functions
  • Enhanced sensor support including dual wind
  • Ground wind speed/direction

HVision Display Compatable

Add HVision displays to your system.

Compact HVision bonded displays provide ultra clear instrument information with zero condensation. HV Displays store 14 configurable pages, so whether you want to see True Wind Angle, COG or SOG, getting the crucial information in the right place is simple.

Full Range of Analogue Displays

H5000 navigation, instrument and autopilot systems provide accuracy, choice and performance for offshore sailors and racers. Proven over literally millions of ocean miles, H5000 provides a wide range of displays, sensors and processors to provide a complete and personal system.

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