B&G Vulcan Explore

B&G Vulcan Explore

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B&G Vulcan

The Vulcan series provides a versatile, easy-to-use chartplotter with multi-touch and pinch-to-zoom, with a 7″, 9″ or 12″ display. Packed with innovations for sailors, Vulcan integrates with your on board instruments to unlock award-winning sailing features including SailSteer and SailingTime.

High performance, affordable price

As sailors we know the importance of being able to glance at the display and get the data you need. We have made the Vulcan chartplotters the brightest and clearest in their class. As well as a fully functioning chartplotter, the Vulcan is also an instrument display and fully functioning autopilot controller.

7″, 9″ and new 12″ models available

The B&G Vulcan family consists of great value, sailing chartplotters designed for coastal cruising and club racing.

 A full touch interface and low profile mounting makes Vulcan one of the cleanest looking and most integrated navigation displays for installing on your boat.

The Vulcan models are available with a 7″, 9″ or 12″ screen size

The 5″ Vulcan model will be available for a limited time only


When you turn on your Vulcan display, you arrive at the home screen. The user interface is easy to understand and the menus are intuitive to use.

On the left hand side you can scroll through the settings menu. In the centre you have access to chart navigation and sailing features. On the right hand side there is another scroll bar where you can save all your favourite pages.

Chart Navigation

To access the chart on your Vulcan display simply select the chart icon from the home screen. Once in the chart view, you can pan around the chart and zoom in and out. To re-centre your boat to the middle of the screen, select clear cursor in the top right of the screen.

You can view the chart in different ways. To view in 3D mode, select 3D view from chart options within the menu.


SailSteer is an exclusive sailing feature to B&G chartplotters. It takes your instrument data and displays it in one screen that is easy to interpret and understand.

In the centre of the screen it shows your boat which always points to the top. Around your boat is a compass rose which moves as you change heading. There are also indicators to show your Apparent Wind Angle (AWA), True Wind Direction (TWD) and Course Over Ground (COG). If you are navigating to a waypoint, the SailSteer screen will also show you the bearing to the waypoint.

The central blue arrow shows tidal flow and set and at the bottom of the diagram you can see your rudder angle.

All the data is also visible in the two columns either side of the diagram.

Broadband Radar Ready

All new Vulcan models are Broadband Radar™ ready.

Experience B&G’s award-winning Broadband Radar that will keep constant watch over you and your crew.

Radars can be purchased separately or as part of a Vulcan and Radar bundle.

Choice of cartography

B&G supports a large variety of third-party mapping products, including C-MAP, Navionics, Insight, NV Digital and more.

Easy to read, with all the vital safety information you need, Vulcan cartography options range from micro SD cards for your region to C-Map Genesis Social Maps and charts that can be downloaded immediately from the GoFree Shop – so whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.


Vulcan is a standalone chartplotter, but for the sailors that want to see what is below their boat in high detail, the Vulcan features integrated support for CHIRP sonar, ForwardScan™ and DownScan Imaging™

• Easily determine depth
• Distinguish different seabed types for safe anchoring
• Collision avoidance using ForwardScan

To enable this technology add the appropriate sensor to your system.


With the Vulcan displays you can easily display your instrument data. From the Instruments icon you can select different instrument dashboards to display the information you need or display one piece of instrument data on the full screen.


It’s easy to place and navigate to waypoints from the Vulcan displays. Position the cursor on the chart and then select ‘New Waypoint’ from the menu.
You can then select your waypoint and navigate to it. The Vulcan will display your time to sail, laylines and the bearing to the waypoint.

Creating a Route

To create a route you can select ‘New Route’ from the menu and then touch the chart to add multiple waypoints.
You can save and name your route and then navigate to each waypoint along your route.

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