B&G Zeus2 GH Accessories

B&G, Simrad ZEUS2 GH Cable Retention Strip

MO16/19/24 Cable Retention Bracket.

ID: 159113 | £25.00 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad MO16/19/24 Rear mount bracket kit

MO16/19/24,Rear mount bracket kit.

Includes: dash seal for 16,19,24 Inch and Bracket kit.

ID: 159114 | £47.50 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad 4 Pin Power Cable

Power Cable 4 Pin to 4 bare wires for Power in, Power control bus and external alarm 2 meters (6.5 ft) 

ID: 154690 | £33.33 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad RJ45 - Network plug adaptor

Simrad NSO evo2 and B&G Zeus2 RJ45 - Yellow Round ethernet adaptor cable

ID: 159106 | £21.67 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad OP50/ZC2 Suncover

B&G, Simrad OP50/ZC2 Suncover

ID: 158161 | £15.00 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad OP50/ZC2 Dash kit (Gasket Bezel Screw)


ID: 158163 | £15.00 ex-VAT