Raymarine M300 Thermal Cameras Explore

Raymarine M300 Thermal Cameras Explore

FLIR M300 Series 

M300C, M332, M364, M364C, M364C, M364, M364C, M364C LR

The M300 Series sets a new standard for safe marine navigation and situational awareness. Applying enhanced stabilization technology to high-performance visible, thermal, or multispectral imaging, M300 Series marine cameras deliver unwavering vision in high-stakes environments.

FLIR M300 Series Intro

Raymarine FLIR M300 Series

Marine Cameras With Active Gyro-Stabilization

M300 Series Key Features

  • Active gyro-stabilisation eliminates the effects of pitch, heave, and yaw
  • HD colour low light visible camera with 30x zoom – available on the M300C, M364C and M364C LR
  • Combine the M364C or M364C LR with Raymarine Axiom and experience FLIR Color Thermal Vision™ and FLIR MSX® technology
  • Raymarine ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality compatible.  Awareness enhancing graphic overlays of AIS targets, chart objects, and waypoints.
  • HD-SDI, analog, and IP video (H.264) output for integration with the latest generation and legacy marine displays
  • Optional JCU-2 premium joystick control unit provides ergonomic control of the M300 Series on-screen menu

The New Standard

When danger lies between swells or on the horizon, FLIR helps first responders, commercial mariners, and serious boaters achieve a new level of awareness on the water. FLIR is committed to driving innovation of thermal imaging and sensing technologies, further establishing the quality and availability of advanced vision systems. The M300 Series sets a new standard for safe marine navigation and situational awareness.

Enhanced Stabilization

The functionality of fixed-mount marine cameras should not be dictated by turbulent seas. Active gyro-stabilization on the M300 Series compensates against rough water to keep eyes on-target. An integrated AHRS (Attitude Heading Reference Sensor) and two-axis mechanical stabilization system virtually eliminate the effects of pitch, heave, and yaw. Active stabilization measures partner with electronic stabilization to further minimize image jittering from engine rumble and boat vibration.

FLIR Colour Thermal Vision™ and MSX®

While thermal cameras give mariners superior awareness on the water, thermal imaging alone does not capture important color information from other vessels or navigation aids. The dual sensor M364C and M364C LR offer mariners a new level of awareness via FLIR's patented Color Thermal Vision™ (CTV) technology. This proprietary multi-spectral imaging technology for the FLIR M300 Series and FLIR Raymarine Axiom line of navigation displays blends thermal and high-definition visible color video for enhanced identification of buoys, vessels and other targets at night. Additionally, the M364C and M364C LR models feature the patented FLIR MSX® imaging technology, which extracts edges and borders from the HD visible camera and blends these elements with the thermal image, giving operators improved visual recognition of distant objects.

ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality

Combining M300 Series cameras with Raymarine Axiom® offers next-level performance with Raymarine ClearCruise™ Augmented Reality enhancements. ClearCruise AR makes navigation even safer by presenting AIS targets, chart objects, and waypoints on top of real-time video from any M300 camera.

Safer Navigation

The M300 Series makes nighttime navigation even safer and less stressful. FLIR thermal technology gives captains the power to see clearly in total darkness, glaring light, and light fog. Creating imagery using heat rather than visible light, FLIR thermal reveals subtle temperature differences for anyone to understand—no training required. A proven life-saving technology, FLIR cameras are used by thousands of military, first responder, and commercial professionals every day for navigation, collision avoidance, threat detection, and search and rescue missions.

Low Light HD Visible Sensor

The M300C, M364C, and M364C LR offer superior long-range imaging and positive target identification using a high definition visible camera with 30X optical zoom. Additional ultra-low light capability offers enhanced vision in the most challenging conditions.

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