B&G H5000, Pilot Controller

B&G H5000, Pilot Controller

Manufacturer Part No: 000-11544-001 | £410.66 ex-VAT
Must Be Fitted and/or Commissioned by a Certified Dealer - Like Us

H5000,Pilot Controller. Enjoy straightforward and secure control and setup of B&G’s powerful H5000 Pilot from the dedicated keypad of this Pilot Controller unit. As the primary Pilot controller, or combined with a Zeus chartplotter, the H5000 Pilot Controller provides assured control and feedback via a high-resolution compact monochrome display. Waterproof to IPx7 and with a tough optically bonded display, this dedicated controller lets you manage everything to do with the Pilot whatever the conditions. From commissioning to control. It features the same mechanical design as the H5000 displays, for rugged durability and consistent aesthetics.

B&G H5000 Pilot Computer

Must Be Fitted and/or Commissioned by a Certified Dealer - Like Us
H5000,Pilot Computer: The record-breaking B&G Pilot features dedicated steering modes and sailing algorithms including Gust Response, Recovery and High Wind Response. It’s been proven in the toughest conditions and most testing environments and is ideal for short-handed cruisers or racers....

£1,530.66 ex-VAT

Hercules® Expansion

The NEW Hercules® Expansion processor allows integration of additional sensors and expansion of sailing systems for racing or cruising. The Expansion provides a comprehensive set of analogue, serial and digital interfaces for enhanced integration with a primary sailing processor – and i...

£1,409.99 ex-VAT


Hercules® is a sailing processor built for sailors who demand more. It boasts greater accuracy, richer features, and better connectivity than ever before. Broad compatibility and advanced datasets give performance sailors the upper hand in competition. And a brand-new web interface allows for ea...

£2,449.16 ex-VAT

Hercules® WTP

Hercules® WTP is B&G's most advanced sailing processor, sitting at the heart of Grand Prix sailing systems. Python scripting allows users to script custom variables, calibration routines and more. Extended third-party support and the addition of ModBus technology open Hercules WTP up to...

£6,614.16 ex-VAT

B&G H5000 Analogue - Expansion Module (Serial)

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Allows expansion of an H5000 system to enable additional serial interfacing options. Typically used for interfacing HGSC compass, GPS units, Gyro Compasses and other NMEA 0183 devices. The H5000 CPU, calculating precise data up to 50 times faster than its predecessor, provides Hydra, Hercules and Pe...

£583.99 ex-VAT

B&G Edge cover set, H5000 Pilot Keypad


£9.33 ex-VAT

B&G Sun Cover, H5000 Pilot Keypad


£15.99 ex-VAT

B&G Conn Pack, H5000 Pilot CPU


£47.99 ex-VAT
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