Raymarine Evolution EV-300 Solenoid Autopilot with p70Rs Control

Raymarine Evolution EV-300 Solenoid Autopilot with p70Rs Control

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The EV-300 Autopilot is for boats fitted with solenoid controlled steering systems or constant running hydraulic pump. The Evolution autopilot systems perceive their environment and instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance. The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions - Evolution autopilots steer so accurately they can save fuel and get you to your destination faster. Pack Contains : EV1 Sensor Core, ACU-300 Drive interface, p70Rs Control and Evolution Cabling Kit.

Raymarine p70s and p70Rs Autopilot Control Heads

The Raymarine p70s autopilot control head is a push-button operation controller designed primarily for sailboats, while the Raymarine p70Rs autopilot control head, with its combination of push-buttons and rotary control dial, is aimed at powered craft.

Key features:

  • 3.5” super bright oversized LCD for maximum visibility
  • All weather, low power, optically bonded display technology delivers brighter colours, sharper contrast, and a wide viewing angle
  • Button or rotary control options for sail and power applications
  • Supported autopilot modes: Auto; Standby; Pattern; Track; Wind Vane; Power Steer and Jog Steer
  • Display the pilot information in different formats with automatic 3-step setupfor leisure, cruising and performance
  • Simple system and group dimming / illumination
  • Easy to use Lighthouse user interface with sculpted rubber keypad for precise operation in all conditions
  • SeaTalkng networking for seamless connectivity to Raymarine systems and NMEA2000* networks
  • New glass bridge industrial design compliments Raymarine eS and gS Series multifunction displays
  • Supplied with both black (eS Series style) & (e Series style) gunmetal bezels and protective suncover

p70s p70Rs In the Box

1. Documentation 

2. Panel seal gasket 

3. 400 mm (15.7 in)SeaTalkng spur cable (A06038) 4. p70s or p70Rs Pilot controller (p70s shown) (supplied with keymat and black bezel (A80353) fitted) 

5. Suncover (p70s = A80357, p70Rs = A80358) 

6. Spare gunmetal bezel (A80354) 

7. Mounting fixings x 4

The EV Sensor Core

At the centre of every Evolution system is the intelligent EV sensor core, a 9-axis sensor that monitors vessel motion in all three dimensions. The innovative EV sensor core combines advanced solid-state sensors with the Evolution autopilot processor into a single easy-to-install housing.

Mount the EV sensor core above or below decks, the rugged enclosure is fully sealed and built to IPX6 and IPX7 waterproofing and submersion standards.


EV Sensor Core Benefits

  • Precision monitoring of heading, pitch, roll, and yaw allowing the autopilot to evolve instantly as sea conditions and vessel dynamics change.
  • Flexible installation options. Mount above or below deck.
  • Simple SeaTalkng connectivity to the control head and ACU.
  • Solid state sensor technology delivers dynamic accuracy to within 2 degrees in all conditions. 
  • Auto-compensation for on board magnetic fields and reliable heading accuracy in the northern and southern extremes.
  • Fast and reliable heading data for MARPA, radar overlay, and heading modes on Raymarine multifunction displays. 

Paste Title

1. Mounting trim. x 1 

2. EV-1 / EV-2. x 1 

3.Sealing ring. x 1 

4. Mounting tray. x 1 

5. Sealing ring. x 1 

6. Wall mounting bracket. x 1 

7. Screws for deck or bracket mounting. x 4 

8. Screws for wall bracket. x 3 

9. Document pack. x 1 

10. 1m (3.3ft) SeaTalkng spur cable. x 1


Diameter: 140 mm (5.5 in)
Depth (including mounting enclosure): 35 mm (1.4 in)
Depth (including wall bracket): 95 mm (3.8 in)

kit Contains

1. ng power cable x 1 

2. 5m ng backbone cable x 1 

3. 1m ng spur cable x 1 

4. ng 5 way block x 1 

5. ng T-pieces x 2 

6. ng terminators x 2

Autopilot Control Unit (ACU)

The rugged ACU (Actuator Control Unit) delivers reliable autopilot drive power and also provides power to the SeaTalkng bus. Choose the ACU that fits your steering type:

Supported Drives

ACU-100    Wheel, tiller and 0.5 ltr Hydraulic
ACU-150 Type-1 Hydraulic Drive Unit
ACU-200 Type 1 Raymarine hydraulic, linear and rotary mechanical drives
ACU-300 For solenoid controlled steering systems and Raymarine constant running hydraulic pumps
ACU-400 Type 2 and 3 Raymarine hydraulic, linear, and rotary mechanical drives

ACU-200, ACU-300, ACU-400

1. ACU unit. x 1 

2. Rudder reference unit x 1 

3. Cable ties. x 10 

4. Mounting screws x 2 

5. Document pack x 1

Raymarine 3 to 4.5L Constant Running Pump 12 Volt

The 12 volt constant running hydraulic pump is for hydraulic steering system fitted with a ram capacity of between 500cc-1200cc. Works with ACU-300

Raymarine 3 to 4.5L Constant Running Pump 24 Volt

The 24 volt constant running hydraulic pump is for hydraulic steering system fitted with a ram capacity of between 500cc-1200cc. Works with ACU-300

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