Simrad NSS16 Evo2 MkII Sun Cover

Manufacturer Part No: 000-11596-001 | ID: 159164 | £25.00 ex-VAT

Simrad NSS16 evo2 Sun Cover

B&G, Lowrance, Simrad Bracket Knobs

Gimbal Bracket Knobs for Lowrance HDSGen2T/Elite7, Hook2 12,  Simrad NSS/NSSevo2, B&G Zeus2

ID: 154225 | £15.83 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad 4 Pin Power Cable

Power Cable 4 Pin to 4 bare wires for Power in, Power control bus and external alarm 2 meters (6.5 ft) 

ID: 154690 | £35.83 ex-VAT

NSE/OP40/NSS Rotary Knob

NSE/OP40/NSS Rotary Knob

ID: 151800 | £18.33 ex-VAT

Simrad NSS16 Evo2 MkII Sun Cover

Simrad NSS16 evo2 Sun Cover

ID: 159164 | £25.00 ex-VAT

Simrad NSS16 Evo2 Edge Bezels

Simrad NSS16 evo2 Edge Bezels

ID: 159165 | £15.83 ex-VAT

Simrad NSS16 Evo2 Vesa Mount Adapter Kit

Simrad NSS16 evo2 vesa mount adaptor kit

ID: 159166 | £20.00 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad 16 Inch Dash Mount Kit for NSS evo2 and Zeus2

16 Inch NSS EVO2 and ZEUS2 Dash mount kit. Contains mounting template, front mount dash screws, drill guide and dash gasket.

ID: 159180 | £33.33 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad Zeus / Zeus Touch Video/Comms Cable

Video/Comms Cable (8 pin conn. to bare wires for NMEA and 2 RCA female for Video in Port one and two) 2 m (6.5 ft) NSS/Zeus/NSE/S,R2009/S,R3016

ID: 154691 | £25.83 ex-VAT