Simrad RS90 Scrambler Module

Manufacturer Part No: 000-11728-001 | ID: 159176 | £195.98 ex-VAT

Simrad RS90 Scrambler Module

Simrad RS90 VHF Speaker

Simrad RS90 VHF Speaker. Loud 4 Watt External Speaker. Suitable for use with RS90 and RS35 VHF. Dimensions (W x H x D) 110 x 110 x 45mm (4.33 x 4.33 x 1.85")

ID: 159098 | £67.50 ex-VAT

B&G, Simrad Additional Charging Cradle for H50, HS35 Wireless Handset

Sorry no longer available

12 volt Charging handset cradle for B&G H50 and Simrad HS35 can also be used with B&G H90 and Simrad HS90 wired handset -no requirement for power connection when used with hs90

ID: 156258


RS90 Blackbox VHF with AIS (receive only)

ID: 159139 | £470.28 ex-VAT


HS90 wired handset for the RS90 VHF

ID: 159140 | £199.44 ex-VAT

Simrad RS90 Scrambler Module

Simrad RS90 Scrambler Module

ID: 159176 | £195.98 ex-VAT

Simrad Waterproof white horn speaker (80hms) for use with loud hailer

Waterproof white horn speaker (8 Ohms) for use with loud hailer.

ID: 150389 | £158.33 ex-VAT

Lowrance, Simrad VMC-1 Mic Clips with Magnet

Mic clip for Lowrance link 8, Simrad RS10, RS35, RS12 and RS25

ID: 159450