Icom Mounted VHF/DSC Marine Radio

Icom Mounted VHF/DSC Marine Radio

Icom IC-M330GE Compact VHF/DSC Marine Radio

The engineering department at Icom have done it again and produced one of the smallest fixed VHF/DSC radios in the world. The IC-M330GE’s front face is so compact that it matches the size of a modern smartphone. However, despite its small size, the IC-M330GE has all the hallmarks of Icom's...

£199.99 ex-VAT

Icom IC-M423GE VHF/DSC Marine Radio

IC-M423GE VHF/DSC Marine Radio The IC-M423GE is ideal for customers who are looking for a compact radio for their boat with advanced functions and dual station control. The radio features built-in active noise cancelling technology that provides superb audio performance. The optional COMMANDMIC a...

£289.99 ex-VAT

Icom IC-M400BBE Modular VHF/DSC Marine Radio

The IC-M400BBE 'modular' marine radio solution can be installed out of sight, which is important, where space is at a premium. Controlled by the Icom HM-195GB COMMANDMIC this allows operation of all radio functions including DSC, radio, foghorn, hailer horn from the cockpit or fly bridge. Th...

£410.00 ex-VAT

Icom IC-M510E VHF/DSC Marine Radio with Smartphone Control

The IC-M510E is a stylish, new advanced VHF/DSC marine radio from Icom that gives you control of the radio via your Smartphone using the RS-M500 app (iOS™/Android™). In fact up to three smartphones can act as remote controllers via the radio’s WLAN network. It is even possible to h...

£519.99 ex-VAT

Icom IC-F5022M VHF Marine Base Station

IC-F5022M VHF Marine Base Station The IC-F5022M marine base station is perfect for any organisations that wishes to communicate with vessels from the shore. Its applications are varied and can be used for marshalling races and coordinating marina and harbour traffic to name but a few. Organisa...

£329.99 ex-VAT

Icom IC-F5022M Battery Backup Version

IC-F5022M Battery Backup Version The Battery Backup version of Icom's IC-F5022M Marine Base Station is ideal for any maritime organisation that is reliant on continual Marine VHF radio communications. This unit provides organisations with added reassurance by automatically switching from m...

£529.99 ex-VAT

Icom IC-M605EURO Multi Station VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver

IC-M605EURO Multi Station VHF/DSC Radio with AIS Receiver The IC-M605EURO is an advanced Class D VHF/DSC radio with integrated AIS receiver, capable of showing real-time AIS vessel traffic information on the large colour TFT LCD display. This radio contains many advanced features including Active...

£409.99 ex-VAT

Icom IC-M510E with AIS Receiver

IC-M510E VHF/DSC Marine Radio (AIS Receiver Version) In addition to the IC-M510E VHF/DSC VHF marine radio that comes with our Smartphone Control, the new AIS version provides users with the ability to receive AIS and see surrounding vessel traffic in real-time whilst also being able to make indiv...

£559.99 ex-VAT
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