Kicker Marine Audio Explore

Kicker Marine Audio Explore

To thrive in the unforgiving marine environment you need products that never compromise on quality, build standard or performance. KICKER marine audio will exceed your expectations and take your on-water experience to the next level!

Founded in 1973 Kicker Audio has a long heritage in the Pro and Automotive Audio market. This expertise was utilised to design a marine specific range from the ground up with three key areas of focus: fantastic sound quality that reproduces music as the artist intended, longevity and resilience to the harsh surroundings and available at a price attainable by everyone. The result was Kicker Audio Marine – The best value premium performance marine audio on the market!

Source Units

All good audio systems start with a source unit, it is the interface that you will interact with and is central to your on-the-water audio experience. Our line-up is designed around ease of access and control of your music, allowing for a variety of inputs while remaining easy to use. Systems can be as simple as one of our KMC2 source units with a set of speakers, or evolve into a multi-amplifier system with several speakers and subwoofers. The full system design should be built around your vessel and personal musical preference, however they will always start with a good source unit!


Amplifiers are the real workhorses of an exceptional sound system, ensuring speakers and subwoofers receive enough power to make them play to their full potential. Kicker Audio Marine amplifiers are built around power, efficiency and flexibility giving you a solution to whatever system you have planned. Of course, to protect all this hi-tech circuitry they are also built to withstand everything the harsh marine environment can produce, using only resistant materials and thick gaskets to seal what is inside. The amplifier range is split is 2 series: KMA and KXMA.

KMA Amplifiers are an affordable way to get KICKER power on-the-water. Purpose-built for your boat, every KM amp comes complete with marine-grade speaker terminals, stainless-steel screws, conformal-coated circuit boards and ABYC/NMMA-compliant power connections.

The KXMA Amplifier series builds on the solid KMA foundation introducing more advanced technologies to produce our top-of-the-line range, technologies including:

  • FIT2 – Fail-Safe Integration Technology – Ensuring superior clarity, dependability and interoperability with almost any radio available
  • SHOCwave – Bass restoration technology that intuitively enhances bass in recordings that are lacking punch
  • KickEQ+ - Additional 18dB of bass boost to ensure sub channels are adequately powered

The KXMA-series is available in more variants, giving more options in terms of system design.


Kicker Audio Marine speakers are packed full of technology to set them apart from the normal marine audio experience. Meticulously designed and built with marine-grade materials and components to ensure they meet or exceed industry standards for environmental humidity & corrosion and material degradation due to UV exposure*. In spite of this necessity to protect the speaker from the elements there is no compromise on sound quality. From the large enclosed magnet to rigid Polypropylene cone Kicker Audio Marine speakers produce precise audio with the power to be heard in an open air environment.

The speaker range consists of three sizes of coaxial woofer: 4, 6.5 and 8 inch. All three are full-range units aimed at recreating your music accurately and powerfully. This range of sizes allow you to swap out most factory units, or easily find a new location where they’ll fit. To make sure they look the part all our coaxial sets come complete with both white and black grills, allowing you to install them in a colour to suit your vessel. Additionally the 6.5 and 8 inch models are available with RGB LED grills, adding a cool complimentary glow to your woofer.

*ASTM G154 400 hr. Standards for UV / ASTM B117 200 hr. Standards for Salt/Fog Exposure


Similar to our speaker line, Kicker Audio Marine subwoofers are built from the ground up to reproduce accurately while surviving in an outdoor saltwater environment. The addition of a subwoofer can energise a system, reinstating bass frequencies and producing a full, balanced sound. The Kicker KMF subwoofers are free-air, meaning they can be installed without the need for any enclosure. Any storage compartment behind a solid GRP panel can be utilised to install one of the 10 or 12 inch units quickly and easily. Separate grills are available in white or charcoal to protect your investment, all of which are made of heavy ABS plastic and come loaded with RGB LEDs. Kicker Audio was founded on producing subwoofers, a legacy that has led to a market leading woofer today!

Enclosed Speakers

These Kicker Audio speakers are designed to project sound over a longer distance while maintaining clarity, it’s the perfect solution when towing a wakeboarder or swimming around the boat. Each speaker pair comes pre-mounted in bespoke enclosures, giving the speaker mechanism shielding from the elements while increasing the locations that speakers can be mounted.

Tower Mount Coaxial Speaker Enclosures contain the 6.5 or 8 inch coaxial speakers and mount to any tower pipe from 1-1/2 to 3-1/4 inch. The included universal clamps can rotate around 354 degrees allowing you to aim your sound where you want to. As with the other ranges the enclosures are available in white or charcoal black and have RGB LEDs incorporated into the grill. For optimum clarity in a tower mount system these are the perfect option.

For vessels without a tower the Flat-Surface-Mount Enclosures offer the same uncompromising sound but for installation on a flat surface. Using the included inserts the speakers can be angled to ensure the sound can be directed where it is needed.

For anyone requiring more power and more volume the Tower Mount Horn Speaker Enclosures are the right choice. A redesign of the woofer lead to the incorporation of a horn-loaded compression driver, culminating in a speaker that produces smooth audio at volumes previously unattainable. Available with either 9 or 11 inch woofers these are the speakers for anyone wanting a concert like experience on the water. They are designed for tower installation utilising the same universal technology as the coaxial mounts, and again are available in either white or black with LED lighting built-in.

For anyone adding music specifically for a water-skier or wakeboarder then the Tower Long-Throw Speaker Enclosures are the answer. Sold as a pair, each enclosure contains two 6-1/2 inch woofers, increasing the cone area and therefore the volume. The horn-loaded tweeters deliver long-range accuracy, controlling the sound dispersion and aiming it where it is wanted.

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