Kicker Marine Audio Source Units

All good audio systems start with a source unit, it is the interface that you will interact with and is central to your on-the-water audio experience. Our line-up is designed around ease of access and control of your music, allowing for a variety of inputs while remaining easy to use. Systems can be as simple as one of our KMC2 source units with a set of speakers, or evolve into a multi-amplifier system with several speakers and subwoofers. The full system design should be built around your vessel and personal musical preference, however they will always start with a good source unit!

Kicker Audio KM Marine Gauge-Style Media Centre

The KMC2 Media Centre is a simple, effective solution when you want great tunes in a compact footprint. Equipped with an easily readable screen, over 200 watts of peak power and several audio inputs (including USB and Bluetooth), this durable Media Centre is ready for some fun on the water!

ID: KAKMC2 | £166.63 ex-VAT

Kicker Audio PX Bluetooth Interface Controller

Add Bluetooth to any audio system with this simple, weatherproof controller. Built as tough as the trails you ride, the PXBTC makes it easy to change source, volume or track at any speed - on any terrain.

ID: KA43PXBTC | £83.29 ex-VAT