B&G VHF H50 Wireless Handset

B&G VHF H50 Wireless Handset

Manufacturer Part No: 000-11237-001 |

Full feature VHF with expansion options that combines impressive range, with inductive charging for flexible communications at and away from the chart table. The compact B&G H50 wireless VHF handset features a powerful speaker, integral AIS vessel display, ergonomic rubber over moulding and six keys including Channel 16, for reliable contact wherever you are on board. Wireless Control and Operation for V50 and V90 VHF Radio

B&G, Simrad Additional Charging Cradle for H50, HS35 Wireless Handset

12 volt Charging handset cradle for B&G H50 and Simrad HS35 can also be used with B&G H90 and Simrad HS90 wired handset -no requirement for power connection when used with hs90

B&G V50 Fixed Mount DSC VHF Radio with AIS Receiver

The V50 VHF provides dual-channel communications with AIS reception and VHF via a single antenna.  Unique ‘TrackYourBuddy’ feature displays the positions of up to three friends. Use AIS with B&G Zeus chartplotters for a fully integrated navigation and safety system.  Whethe...

B&G V90 Black Box VHF system with AIS Rx

Sorry no longer available
B&G’s powerful V90 VHF radio blends intelligent design with advanced engineering in a rugged, reliable and feature-packed sailing communications device. With all the major components housed in a discreet black box below deck, the stylish handset is the unit’s only visible component,...

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