Now In Stock at Hudson Marine - Revolutionise Your Family’s Boating With The Scanstrut ATMOS 26 Feb

Now In Stock at Hudson Marine - Revolutionise Your Family’s Boating With The Scanstrut ATMOS

 Here at Hudson Marine we are passionate about bringing you the best in marine electronics to make your boating experience the best it can be.    That’s why we’re excited to announce that we have now received our first batch of stock of the new Scanstrut ATMOS built-in air station!  

What is the Scanstrut ATMOS?

ATMOS, the latest innovative product from Scanstrut, could be transformative for the boating experience of families across the globe.    Toted as a game-changer for families who enjoy boating, the ATMOS provides an easy and efficient solution for inflating a myriad of leisure items that you might have on-board, from paddleboards to towables and much more!    All you have to do is set the pressure, and at the press of a button, the ATMOS does the rest. By adding this system to your vessel you can spend more time on the water having fun.   Thanks to their expertise in outdoor technology, the Scanstrut ATMOS is engineered to thrive in the marine environment, despite the challenges.   

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Next-gen air pump technology
  • LCD display and soft touch buttons
  • Rapid inflation
  • Effortless deflation
  • Compact, shallow design allowing for seamless integration into on-board panels
  • Can be integrated into seating, consoles, near the swim platform and almost any other panel 
  For more information about the Scanstrut ATMOS and how it provides ready-to-use air that’s always at your fingertips, check out their product announcement video here  

Scanstrut ATMOS Wins Prestigious IBEX Innovation Award 

The IBEX Innovation Awards program is a highly regarded platform, acknowledging manufacturers and suppliers who introduce innovative products to the recreational boating industry and beyond. It is managed by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) and judged by BWI (Boating Writers International).    As a leading innovator in outdoor technologies, Scanstrut were delighted to be awarded the prestigious IBEX Innovation Award in the Mechanical Systems Category for their ATMOS built-in air station.    Who enjoys inflating water toys and towables? Nobody! This award winning product will revolutionise family fun on the water by increasing quality time and reducing time spent inflating.   

The Techy Bit

Here are some of the key specifications for the Scanstrut ATMOS.   
  • Waterproof rating - IPX6 waterproof front and back
  • Input voltage - 12V Battery system (10-14V)
  • Max Pressure output - 20 PSI / 1.37 BAR
  • Max current draw - 12A (140W)
  • Standby current draw - 0.02W Max
  • Two-stage pump: Stage 1 = 0 -1 PSI, Stage 2 = 1.1 - 20 PSI
  That all sounds great, but how long does it actually take to blow something up? Here are a few examples.


Inflate: 1.5 PSI > 3 mins ≈. Deflate: 1.5 PSI > 1 min ≈

SUP (10ft)

Inflate: 20PSI in 6-8 mins Deflate: 20PSI > 1 min ≈  

4m Platform

Inflate: 5 PSI > 16 mins ≈ Deflate: 5 PSI > 1 min ≈  

Ready to revolutionise your family’s boating experience?

If you’re eager to get your hands on this nifty bit of kit, then head to our website where you can find out more about the brilliant Scanstrut ATMOS as well as order it with Next Working Day delivery! 
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